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Alia Ceniza Rasul

Publisher: ANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative Ltd.

Alia Ceniza Rasul is an award-winning artist based in Toronto, Canada. With a passion for telling stories about the Filipin* diaspora, Alia has created, produced and performed in multiple award-winning projects including Tawa and Island Womxn Rise, annual, sold-out Filipin*comedy festivals, Kwento, an improvised Filipin* folktale, the sketch comedy revue Tita Jokes, and her play, Tang Ina. Alia is a co-founder of the Tita Collective, a sisterhood of Filipina theatre artists. Additionally, she works with Bespoke Collective, a creative consultancy at the intersection of culture, public good and the future.

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Alia Ceniza Rasul, Super Important Filipina Thoughts (ANAK Publishing Worker Cooperative Ltd.) book cover
Super Important Filipina Thoughts


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