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Published on November 2, 2020

In Sequence: Comic Jam on the ’Gram

During #FestofAuthors20, 11 artists were challenged to take part in a collaborative jam on a unified theme: Bringing a New World Into Focus. This challenge, in partnership with Toronto Comic Arts Festival (@torontocomics), started from a single-story panel that planted the seed for a larger story to grow. Take a look below to see the finished comic:

Hana Shafi comic - glasses on a face with the reflection of earth and planets Panel by Hana Shafi (@frizzkidart)

Keet Geniza - a person floating in space with the reflection of planets in her glassesPanel by Keet Geniza (@makeshiftlove)

The person's glasses break as a dark hand is reaching out to themPanel by Sanya Anwar (@sanya_anwar)

The person is joined by another and they ask how the glasses breakPanel by Lis Xu (@lissshu)

Zoom out of the people as the wind swirls around them. The person with the glasses say "It's okay, I don't need them anymore"Panel by Jason Loo (@rebel_loo)

The person with the glasses begin to grow, glowing as the wind continues to swirl around themPanel by Paris Alleyne (@parisalleyne)

The person without the glasses begins to float away into spacePanel by Kat Verhoeven (@verwho)

The person with the broken glasses hair has become plants, leaves and mushrooms. The person says woah! Panel by Cleopatria Peterson (@cleopatriia)

Person floating in space with a force field around them
Panel by Cole Pauls (@tundrawizard)

The person in space with a force field around them says "with the expanse before me, looking back is a comfort but as I push forward your spirit surrounding me, I realized I am changed"Panel by Olivia Kim (@oliviamkim)

The two people are back together with the stars and planets around them. One of the people say "I know that we can determine a new path for us all"Panel by Jen Woodall (@funeralbeat)



Published on November 2, 2020

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