#BlackLivesMatter: A Reading List to Understand Systemic Racism & Uplift Black Authors

The Toronto International Festival of Authors is an organization that values Black life and storytelling by Black authors. As a literary festival, we believe that understanding the world around us begins with knowledge, and we have a responsibility to use our platform to help us all get started on that journey. Being actively anti-racist means being critical of racist institutions, practicing inclusiveness and being self-reflective of the role we all play in dismantling oppressive systems. The list of books below should be a beginning and not the end of constant self betterment.

This month, we wish to spotlight A Different Booklist, which is a Black-owned bookstore in Toronto, and hope you will support them in this time, as well as other local Black-owned bookstores in your communities. Our vision of equity only works if everyone is truly free.

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