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Toronto, ON

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Old Growth Press was founded in 2018 by Cleopatria Peterson and Terrence Abrahams through a shared love of book-making, storytelling, and interest in small press work. Yasmin Emery joined the press in 2019 and is indomitable (and amazing) in her management role.
Old Growth Press is committed to publishing the work of BIPOC/LGBTQ2S+ Canadian artists. As a publisher we aim to further an environmentally conscious practice and mindset by using paper that is acid-free and not derived from old-growth forests, as well as recycled binding materials, in order to lessen our impact. In order to create work that aligns with our views, we aim to bring our books into physicality while doing as little damage as possible.
Cleopatria Peterson, co-founder
Terrence Abrahams, co-founder
Yasmin Emery, manager

Wang Xulin

Saul Freedman-Lawson
Published: May 1, 2021

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