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North Battleford
1142 105th Street

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A prairie micro-press that has somehow managed to secure decent distribution and have two of our books shortlisted for national independent press awards.

We published our first book back in 1990, went into a bit of hiatus after 1997, but came roaring back in 2010. Since then we’ve published more than a dozen titles and secured bookstore shelf space alongside some of the heaviest hitters of CanLit.

In THE DEFINITION OF MELANCHOLY, the subjects of the poems range from the wonder & grandeur of Creation, to declarations of unconditional love and devotion that transcend even times of solitude and isolation. The writing is spare, taut, contrasting with looming cosmological, theological themes.

Fifteen tales set in modern, metropolitan locales, featuring a diverse cast of characters struggling to eke out an existence amid gleaming, opulent towers and sprawling cityscapes. Employing a variety of genres, including dark fantasy, magic realism and crime fiction, author Cliff Burns takes readers on a guided tour through the fierce, pulsating heart of contemporary society. Timely, unsparing and satirical, ELECTRIC CASTLES is a collection you won't soon forget.

For ten years, the author wrote down reflections and meditations on a variety of subjects, including theology, cosmology, life, death, fate and eternity. These offerings were kept in two thin Moleskine notebooks, always within easy reach, regularly updated. This is an edited version of those notebooks, the errant musings of a cult author, speculations on cosmic themes, aspirations for a better, more sustainable future.

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