Yun Ko-eun

Yun Ko-eun

Yun Ko-eun is the winner of the 2021 CWA Dagger for Crime Fiction in Translation and was the first Asian writer to receive the award. Her prizewinning novel was praised as an ecothriller by English language media and received positive reviews throughout the US and UK. It was shortlisted for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Rosetta Awards, Comedy Women in Print Awards and the Dublin Literature Award. In April 2024, Yun’s first short story collection Table was published in English. Yun’s second novel in translation had been sold to UK publisher, Scribe, a month before it was published in South Korea. It will be published in the UK in 2025.

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Yun Ko-eun is published by Catapult Books

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The Disaster Tourist by Yun Ko-eun, 2020

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