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The Re-Read: Cathal Kelly on Timothy Findley’s Headhunter

September 27 at 6pm

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Join us as we explore the influential books and writers who defined genres and captivated readers for decades. Each session of The Re-Read features a contemporary writer presenting a favourite book or author, to offer their insight as an author and share their joy as a reader. In this session, Globe & Mail sports columnist and novelist Cathal Kelly will dive into renowned Canadian author Timothy Findley’s dark, psychological novel Headhunter. Set in dystopic Toronto, schizophrenic protagonist Lilah Kemp embarks on a journey nothing short of literary magic when she accidentally frees Kurtz from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, and is forced to find Marlow to help defeat him. Illustrating the harsh consequences of rampant capitalism and western power structures, along with the ripple effects of pandemic-scale diseases on society, Findley expertly weaves a web of depravity with startlingly timely themes. This Canadian masterpiece is sure to hit readers close to home.

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: September 27 at 6pm ET
Where: Lakeside Terrace at Harbourfront Centre
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket prices: $17 – Regular; $12 – Youth; or Get a TIFA Pass

This event is presented in partnership with Writers’ Trust Canada.

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Timothy Findley's Headhunter book cover



The Re-Read: Cathal Kelly on Timothy Findley’s Headhunter

September 27 at 6pm


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