Libraries Find Ways to Deliver Hope & Positivity in Uncertain Times

Seattle Public Library

Quietly in the background, as the world went into lockdown, the COVID-19 pandemic saw library activity increase around the world. People began to seek refuge in reading and rediscover the books at their local libraries. As a result, libraries have been forced to adapt quickly to radically increased readership, the demand for digital content and the enforcement of social distancing measures. 

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Meet TIFA Director Roland Gulliver

TIFA Director Roland Gulliver speaking behind branded podium

This past February, TIFA welcomed its new director, Roland Gulliver, to help usher the organization into a new decade. The former Associate Director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival begins his tenure with TIFA by preparing for the 41st edition of the Festival, taking place this fall. In mid-March, we checked in with Roland about his first impressions of his new city, his literary firsts, what he's reading and whether he's a re-reader. Read on, and get to know our new director.

While you're here, be sure to check out our blog post on local bookstores who are still operating via online and telephone orders during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of them have been mentioned in the interview below.

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An Interview with the Merril Collection’s Sephora Henderson

Harry Potter Day, Star Wars Day and a weekend of comics positions May as one of the geekiest months of the year. To sink our fangs into this theme, we spoke with the Merril Collection‘s Senior Department Head, Sephora Henderson, about the collection and the power of the sci-fi, fantasy and speculative genres!

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