5 Questions with Sanchari Sur

We asked Sanchari Sur five questions about writing as we gear up for the launch of The Unpublished City collection on June 22.

Sanchari Sur. Author. The Unpublished City. BookThug. IFOA.IFOA: Why do you write?

Sanchari Sur: I am not quite sure. I have tried to give up writing for a long time, convinced it was only this idea of grandeur that I was allowing myself to believe in. There is a certain bit of je ne sais quoi that accompanies the idea of being a writer.

But the stories wouldn’t stop coming, and writing was the only recourse.

IFOA: What are some of the themes that you explore in your writing? Why?

Sur: Again, I do not choose the stories (and by extension, the themes). However, I suppose some themes haunt my narratives like familiar ghostly encounters.

I am most interested in the idea of gender and sexuality as malleable concepts. The binary of masculinity and femininity is frankly quite boring, and slightly clichéd. Another theme that crops up a lot is the idea of negotiation of different parts of one’s identity such as race, class, age, caste, (dis)ability and so on; that is, navigating one’s spectrum of privileges and the lack thereof.

IFOA: What are some of the genres you explore in your work?

Sur: I started out writing poetry and genre fiction (mostly, horror), but it is literary fiction that I have gravitated towards time and again. Currently, apart from my academic work, it is writing short literary fiction that consumes my writing hours.

IFOA: Who is your favourite author, poet or writer?

Sur: The book that started it all was The God of Small Things. So, in that sense, I will forever be indebted to Arundhati Roy for turning me into a lit fic enthusiast. Reading her book (several times since I was fourteen) made/makes me think: if only I could write an ounce of what she has written…

IFOA: What inspires you?

Sur: Random things. Some of my stories are based on very real experiences and some are just by-products of the theory I have been reading for school at the moment. And some are based on news items I come across on CTV when I am doing my thirty minutes of cardio at the gym.

Mostly however, it is usually an image, or a scene, or even a feeling (or, as Sara Ahmed would say, an “affect”) that sticks to me, and haunts me for days until I give in and try to figure it out through writing.

Sanchari Sur is a feminist/anti-racist/sex-positive/genderqueer Canadian who was born in Calcutta, India. A doctoral student of Canlit at Wilfrid Laurier University and a curator of Balderdash Reading Series, her work has been published in Jaggery, The Feminist Wire, and Matrix.

Sur is one of the authors featured in The Unpublished City: a collection of works by Toronto’s emerging literary talents. IFOA and BookThug invite you to the collection’s release on June 22 at 7:30 PM as part of the Toronto Lit Up book launch series.

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