Nursing the World to Health

Each night at 7:30, the sounds of applause, cheering and cookware being struck echoes between the apartment buildings of a once lively downtown Toronto and in many other cities across the globe. It’s now one of the ways we show gratitude to the essential workers who bravely put themselves in harm’s way each day. The Toronto International Festival of Authors would like to extend sincere thank you to the healthcare workers, food and beverage providersdelivery personstransit drivers and many more who work tirelessly to keep our lives moving during these unprecedented times.  

This month marks National Nursing Week, which in 2020 comes with the theme: Nurses: A Voice to Lead — Nursing the World to Health.  Nurses address a wide range of health challenges, which reveal new heart-wrenching stories that often go untold every day. In times of crisis, we turn to both nurses and storytellers for perspective, strength and healing. This May, in recognition of nurses everywhere, we asked leading voices in the literary community what they think the world might need to heal right now. Here's what they said:

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