5 Questions with Ian Kamau

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We asked Ian Kamau five questions about writing as we gear up for the launch of The Unpublished City collection on June 22.

IFOA: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Ian Kamau: Everyday life and memory. The smallest things. Moments. A feeling.

IFOA: What’s the story that you have to write no matter what (at some point in your life)?

Kamau: I am writing the history of my family in combination with my present.

IFOA: Where do you write? Is there a specific place you do your writing?

Kamau: Somewhere quiet. In private, in public, on paper, on a phone.

IFOA: If you could ask your favourite author a question, what would it be?

Kamau: How did you keep going? What have you lost because of your work?

IFOA: What are you writing now?

Kamau: A story about my father and I. Stories about my neighbourhood. Stories about my inner world.

Ian Kamau. Author. The Unpublished City. BookThug. IFOA. Ian Kamau is a writer, music maker and designer; an artist who believes in the pursuit of actualization, especially by marginalized individuals and groups. He is interested in exploring the value of art to society. Born and raised in Esplanade—a neighbourhood in downtown Toronto—to Trinidadian parents who immigrated to Canada in the 1970s. His parents are documentary filmmakers; his mother a producer, his father a writer and director. He grew up around ideas, social movements, education and all forms of creativity.

Kamau is one of the authors featured in The Unpublished City: a collection of works by Toronto’s emerging literary talents. IFOA and BookThug invite you to the collection’s release on June 22 at 7:30 PM as part of the Toronto Lit Up book launch series.

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