Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference

This past August, authors gathered at the Edinburgh to discuss five topics that almost brought writers to blows during the infamous Writers’ Conference of 1962.These five topics will be discussed at IFOA as part of the Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference, in partnership with the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the British Council.  Authors and audience members are encouraged to join the discussion and tweet from their seats using the hashtag #worldwritersconf. The topics are:

Should Literature be Political?
Style vs. Content
National Literature
Censorship Today
The Future of the Novel

We’re lucky to have a blogger assigned to covering these special events. Vikki VanSickle is the author of the children’s novels Words That Start with a B, Love is a Four-Letter Word, and the upcoming Days That End in Y (February 2013).

© Mischa Bartkow

A former award-winning bookseller and manager of Toronto’s beloved independent bookstore The Flying Dragon Bookshop, she now works in marketing at HarperCollins Canada. VanSickle is also a former reviewer for Canadian Children’s Book News, CM Magazine, and kid’s book panelist for CBC’s Fresh Air, and now blogs about children’s literature on her popular blog, pipedreaming. Follow her on Twitter @vikkivansickle.

For the full list of Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference events, visit readings.org.

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