Five Questions with Becky Masterman

Becky Masterman. A Twist of the Knife.

We asked Becky Masterman five questions (and a bonus!) about what inspired A Twist of the Knife, how she got into writing crime novels, and how she approaches suspense. Masterman will be at an IFOA Weekly event with Emma Dibdin on Wednesday, November 15th.  Andrew Pyper, Author of The Demonologist, will moderate the conversation.

IFOA: What inspired the story for A Twist of the Knife?

Becky Masterman: My agent Helen Heller, who is based in Toronto, told me of a Canadian case that had haunted her for many years about two children being taken from their home and their bodies never found. That began to haunt me too. What if, I thought, you were convicted of killing your children but were innocent? Waiting on death row wondering if they’re somehow still alive and you can’t get to them and help them?

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An Evening with Andrew Pyper

Last night’s book launch for Andrew Pyper’s latest thriller, The Demonologist, proved to be entertaining, intriguing and even a little creepy. The room at the Gladstone Hotel was packed with Pyper’s family, friends and fans. After a short reading Pyper shared stories about the writing process, his beliefs in the paranormal and what makes a good scary novel. Interviewed by the Globe and Mail‘s Russell Smith, the audience hung on every word from the bestselling author. Below are a few photos from the event. Thanks to Simon & Schuster Canada who co-presented the event. Find out more about Andrew Pyper here.

Andrew Pyper reading from The Demonologist (c)

Andrew Pyper reads from The Demonologist (c)

Andrew Pyper interviewed by Russell Smith (c)

Andrew Pyper interviewed by Russell Smith (c)