TCAF’s Colourful History, Revisited

Toronto Comic Arts Festival, 2019 (c) Andy Nguyen


The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) was originally established in 2003 in collaboration with The Beguiling comic shop. Seventeen years later: TCAF's humble beginnings in Trinity St. Paul’s United Church imbue an undeniable magic to its present stature. Today, TCAF is an internationally recognized forum for readers and creators to discover and share what’s new and exciting in the world of comics, its bustling marketplace a testament to the diversity of voices, genres, styles and storytelling techniques that exist within the medium.

Though TCAF will not be taking place in 2020—a consequence of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis—we spoke with TCAF’s Artistic Director, Christopher Butcher, and Managing Director, Miles Baker, to learn more about TCAF’s long journey and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

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9 Books to Read During Asian Heritage Month

Photo by Sean Kong on Unsplash copy

It's officially Asian Heritage Month! It was created by the Canadian government as "an opportunity for all Canadians to learn more about the many achievements and contributions of Canadians of Asian descent". We wanted to use our platform to spotlight the works of Asian-Canadians ranging from comics to nonfiction and for all ages.

Make sure to add these books to your reading lists and share your picks with us on our social media channels by using @festofauthors.

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Discussing Body Horror and Inspiring Women with Emily Carroll

The month of March marks Women’s History Month in the United States as well as International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019. An opportunity presented itself when award-winning comics creator, Emily Carroll, joined our upcoming panel event Oh, The Horror of it All, taking place March 13. Why not talk to Carroll about the women who’ve inspired her, her interest in body horror and her upcoming graphic novel, When I Arrived at the Castle, ahead of the event?

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Picture This: #FestofAuthors18 in the Eyes of Jason Loo

Jason Loo is a Toronto-based artist and comics creator most widely known for this work on The Pitiful Human-Lizard, a superhero comic set in Toronto. The series, which is published through Chapterhouse Comics, was nominated for the 2018 Doug Wright Spotlight Award! As one of our #FestofAuthors18 Delegates, Jason has been translating his Festival experience into a series of comic strips. Take a look below!

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