5 Questions with Nicole Chin

We asked Nicole Chin five questions about writing as we gear up for the launch of The Unpublished City collection on June 22.

Nicole Chin. Author. The Unpublished City. Shooting the Bitch. BookThug. IFOA. House of Anansi.IFOA: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Nicole Chin: Writing that completely takes me by surprise. I usually feel the most inspired to write when I’m reading something new that I really love and that’s just supremely special.

It can be poetry or prose, it doesn’t really matter, there’s just a magical kind of cosmic zap that happens when something grabs you.

IFOA: What’s the story that you have to write no matter what (at some point in your life)?

Chin: I’m not sure about that one. That’s a question I really have to think about. I’m not sure what story I have to write no matter what, but I do know that no matter what, in the near future, I want to write something that feels like an honest expression of myself where I don’t feel like I’m self-censoring in any way.

Sometimes my fears can be my biggest saboteur.

IFOA: Where do you write? Is there a specific place you do your writing?

Chin: I usually write on my couch, but in the last while, I’ve been writing a lot on my phone during my commutes on the train.

IFOA: If you could ask your favourite author a question, what would it be?

Chin: “What made you realize that writing is what you wanted to stick with for the rest of your life?” I really like hearing those kinds of stories, not necessarily from writers only, but from artists across the board. Stories like that are always so interesting and life-affirming. They make you feel like you’re not alone.

IFOA: What are you writing now?

Chin: I’m working on a novel. I realized I wasn’t writing the kind of thing that I love reading, so I made a change. I feel at home with my project now! It’s cozy but not too cozy.

Nicole Chin is the author of the House of Anansi Press Digital Short, Shooting the Bitch, which received the Mcllquham Foundation Prize for best original short story. Her work has appeared in Joyland Magazine, Room Magazine, The Puritan, Found Press and others. She has been long-listed for the House of Anansi Broken Social Scene Short Story Contest and was the recipient of the Helen Richards Campbell Memorial Award.

Chin is one of the authors featured in The Unpublished City: a collection of works by Toronto’s emerging literary talents. IFOA and BookThug invite you to the collection’s release on June 22 at 7:30 PM as part of the Toronto Lit Up book launch series.

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