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How did you start?

”1cent” began as “Pomez A Penny”, a series of poetry leaflets published by Curvd H&z for the cover price of a penny each. the series eventually (with #2o1) seceded from Curvd H&z & now appears extremely randomly from any number of publishers in many different forms & genres, from tiny single-contributor poetry broadsheets to #3oo’s 48 contributors in 1o2 handprinted pages (an anniversary special). within the magazine issues appear several subseries, including randomly-ongoing “newsnotes” sheaves.

Who are your influences, in Canada and beyond?

the series trajectorizes especially from bpNichol’s “5¢ Mini Mimeo Series” (1968-198o) & “3¢ PULP” magazine (Vancouver, 1973-198o) & made literal James Joyce’s title “Pomes Penyeach” (which had been the case when it was first published by Shakespeare & Company for a shilling (12 pence)(& gave a baker’s dozen)).

What is your mission?

no mission but a delight in participating as a cultural factotum.

What about small press publishing is particularly exciting to you right now?

The same thing as always: the lack of imposed restrictions that allows for more fully explorational publishing procedures.

How does your press work to engage with your immediate literary community, and community at large

1cent is motivated entirely by the whim of its editor, who generally solicits work from or offers publication directly to artists in the immediate community & beyond, & any of the other contributing editors who may produce an issue. some publicational projects are coëlaborative but most artefacts are produced through the singular attention & development of the editor/printer. the “newsnotes” series engages with its community usually by deliberate HitList.

Tell us about three of your publications. What makes them special, needed, and/or unique?

1CENT #4oo, “for Judith with love”, edited by jwcurry (2oo9):  “newsnotes” issue assembled & mimeo’d over many years (7?). besides including linear & visual work by Judith Copithorne (+ a bibliography of separate publications, works by others dedicated to her, & a secreted dream anthology), this contains essays by D.M.Owen & curry on P.Cob, Ben Watson on Frank Zappa, Richard Truhlar on the conservatism of the avantgarde, memorials by Billy Little (who died while his piece was being printed) & Jan Svankmeyer, graphics by P.Cob & Michèle Provost, lots more poetry, concrete poetry & prose.

Dilemma, bpNichol (2oo5): from the beginning, 1cent has attempted to always maintain special homage to bp’s example through special editions of his works, reprints from his 5¢ series, & works by others in homage. in this case, a previously unpublished visual poem has been screenprinted in standing card format with bp’s signature in rubberstamp facsimile rear. still available at a penny a pop!

September 21, 2002, Laurie Fuhr (2oo6): during the 2oo2 Ottawa Writers Festival, a form of semiïnstant anthology was constructed with an onsite typewriter & 1923 mimeograph machine. it included the stencil manipulations of 54 international contributors & was great fun for everyone involved. when examining the collected stencil backing sheets long afterward, i found evidence of a poem that had somehow not been included, the stencil gone but the backing sheet in the junkpile. the cover shows the organic bouma shapes of Fuhr’s original, drifting typings.

How have the current multiple global crises impacted your work with the press?

it hasn’t.

Roses that Bloom
Tom Kryss

Time Lapse, Lance LaRocque (2o13)

Time Lapse
Lance LaRocque

1CENT PULP, edited by jwcurry

edited by jwcurry

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