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Scholastique Mukasonga was born in Rwanda. Her work has been widely acclaimed by critics, including; La femme aux pieds nus, which won the Prix Seligmann 2008, L’Iguifou, Prix Renaissance de la nouvelle 2011 and Prix Paul Bourdarie 2011; Notre-Dame du Nil, which won the Prix Renaudot 2012 and was adapted to film in 2020; and Ce que murmurent les collines, which won the Grand Prix SGDL de la nouvelle 2015. She received the Bernheim Prize from the Foundation of French Judaism in 2015 for her body of work.

Scholastique Mukasonga’s Festival appearance is generously supported by the French Embassy in Canada.

Nandana Dev Sen is a writer, actor, and child-rights activist. She has written six children’s books (translated into more than 15 languages globally), and starred in 20 feature films (from four continents, in numerous languages). She has represented UNICEF, RAHI and the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights to fight against child abuse, and to end human trafficking. Winner of the Last Girl Champion Award (and multiple Best Actress Awards), Nandana is Child Protection Ambassador for Save the Children India. Nandana is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (all three at Nandana Dev Sen). For news and updates, please swing by nandanadevsen.com.