Ryan Kamstra is a writer of poems, fiction, and songs. His first book of poems, Late Capitalist Sublime, was published in 2002. As a musician he is also known by the name Scrath Kamstra, and his band, Tomboyfriend, is fast becoming a cult sensation. His most recent collection, Into the Drowned World, is a visionary work of pop-culture apocrypha, recited by a nodding, benumbed narrator who is perpetually reliving the day before the turn of the millennium.

Margaret Christakos, author of Sooner, said: “Flamboyant, sensuous, and seamed with slick finesse, Kamstra’s turns of phrase are more lubricated that 99% of CanLit. His Into the Drowned World will make you want to feel like a virgin, and read like a forager, over and over.”