Erín Moure has published 16 books of poetry in English and Galician/English, a book of essays, and has translated 15 volumes of poetry from French, Spanish, Galician and Portuguese, by poets such as Nicole Brossard (with Robert Majzels), Andrés Ajens, Louise Dupré, Rosalía de Castro, Chus Pato, Fernando Pessoa, as well as chapbook by Yuri Izdryk (with Roman Ivashkiv). Her work in Canada has received the Governor General’s Award, Pat Lowther Memorial Award, A.M. Klein Prize twice, and has been a three-time finalist for the Griffin Prize. Her latest works are Insecession, a bio-poetics published with Chus Pato’s Secession (BookThug 2014) and Kapusta (Anansi, 2015), a sequel to her book The Unmentionable (Anansi 2012); both the latter books speak of the second world war as lived in Ukraine and northern Alberta. She lives in Montreal.


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