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Dietrich Kalteis and Sam Wiebe headshots

A Tale of Two Crime Cities: Dietrich Kalteis & Sam Wiebe

June 03 at 11:30am

The book covers of the authors' latest titles on a black background

A Taste for Murder with Ryan Gattis, Jenny Lund Madsen, Harini Nagendra & Kwei Quartey

June 02 at 12:00pm

The book cover of The Perfect Crime on black background

Around the World in 22 Murders: Sheena Kamal, Vaseem Khan & Ausma Zehanat Khan

June 02 at 8:00pm

A general MOTIVE event banner with the text "MOTIVE Crime & Mystery Festival" on a black background

Ask the Expert: Karen Sullivan & Bjarni Thorsteinsson

June 03 at 3:00pm

A general MOTIVE event banner with the text "MOTIVE Crime & Mystery Festival" on a black background

Ask the Expert: Margaret Cannon

June 04 at 2:15pm

The book covers of Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider: Nightshade and Where the Seagulls Dare on a black background

CANCELLED – Teen Spies & Detective Guys with Anthony Horowitz

June 02 at 11:00am

James Comey's headshot

Central Park West: James Comey with Linwood Barclay

June 04 at 1:30pm

Shari Lapena and Yrsa Sigurdardóttir headshots

Chilling Family Secrets: Shari Lapena & Yrsa Sigurðardóttir

June 03 at 4:30pm

Sam Shelstad and Jonathan Whitelaw headshots

Comic Crime Capers: Sam Shelstad & Jonathan Whitelaw

June 04 at 11:30am

The book covers of Wrongfully Convicted and The Trauma Beat side by side

Critical Conversation: Bearing Witness

June 02 at 7:00pm

An image of HMTL code

Critical Conversation: Cybercrime

June 04 at 6:30pm

An image looking through the bars into a jail cell.

Critical Conversation: Justice & Mental Health

June 04 at 1:30pm

The book covers of Deadly Triangle and The Castleton Massacre side by side

Critical Conversation: True Crime Histories

June 03 at 6:30pm

Roxanne Bouchard and Marcie Rendon headshots

Fan Favourite Characters: Roxanne Bouchard & Marcie R. Rendon

June 04 at 2:30pm

Ausma Zehanat Khan and Kevin Powers headshots

Global Issues on the Page: Ausma Zehanat Khan & Kevin Powers

June 04 at 7:45pm

Michael Koryta's headshot

Great American Thrillers: Michael Koryta

June 04 at 5:30pm

Jonathan Garfinkel's headshot

In a Land Without Dogs, The Cats Learn to Bark: Jonathan Garfinkel

June 03 at 2:30pm

Ryan Gattis and Patrick Hoffman headshots

Mean Streets: Ryan Gattis & Patrick Hoffman

June 03 at 3:30pm

Kjell Ola Dhal and Maureen Jennings headshots

Murder, Mystery & Mayhem: Kjell Ola Dahl & Maureen Jennings

June 04 at 6:30pm

The book cover of Perry Chafe's Closer by Sea

Newfoundland Noir: The Toronto launch of Closer By Sea by Perry Chafe, with special guests

June 03 at 8:00pm

Paul Hardisty and Daniel Kalla headshots

Novel Warnings: Paul E. Hardisty & Daniel Kalla

June 03 at 12:30pm

Vaseem Khan and Harini Nagendra headshots

Power & Prejudice: Vaseem Khan & Harini Nagendra

June 03 at 5:30pm

Simone Buchholz and Scott Thornley headshots

Secrets of the Streets: Simone Buchholz & Scott Thornley

June 04 at 4:30pm

Jessa Maxwell and Amy Stuart headshots

Tea, Cake & Murder with Jessa Maxwell & Amy Stuart

June 03 at 3:00pm

Steve Ryan's headshot

The Ghosts That Haunt Me: Steve Ryan

June 04 at 6:30pm

Joy Fielding's headshot

The Housekeeper: Joy Fielding

June 03 at 11:30am

Linwood Barclay's headshot

The Lie Maker: Linwood Barclay

June 03 at 1:30pm

The book cover of Melodie Campbell's The Merry Widow Murders on a black background

The Merry Widow Murders: Melodie Campbell with Maureen Jennings

June 02 at 6:00pm

Ramona Emerson and Johana Gustawsson headshots

The Past That Haunts: Ramona Emerson & Johana Gustawsson

June 03 at 1:30pm

The book cover of Anthony Horowitz's With A Mind to Kill on black background

The Re-Read: Anthony Horowitz on James Bond

June 04 at 3:30pm

Anthony Horowitz's headshot

The Twist of a Knife: Anthony Horowitz with Shari Lapena

June 03 at 6:30pm

Elyse Friedman and Jenny Lund Madsen headshots

Unsettling Circumstances: Elyse Friedman & Jenny Lund Madsen

June 04 at 12:30pm

Sheena Kamal and Kwei Quartey headshots

Women on a Search: Sheena Kamal & Kwei Quartey

June 04 at 3:30pm

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