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Time and the Short Story, with Wendy Erskine

October 01 at 3:30pm

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The Humber School for Writers returns to the Festival with a series of daily professional writing masterclasses led by its renowned faculty members and special guests. Each 90-minute class will focus on a specific aspect of writing craft. Sign up for one or attend them all! All writing levels are welcome.

How do we experience time? This workshop, led by author Wendy Erskine, will discuss the ideas of time: elastic time, objective versus subjective time, slowed down or sped-up moments of experience, and how we experience time as people. Learn about the temporal structures of literature by examining the unity of time in classical dramas, or expanses of time in 19th Century novels, in addition to discussing chronological versus non-linear narratives. Through a close, collaborative reading of His Mother by Wendy Erskine, and Vanka by Anton Chekhov, workshop participants will learn how there is movement between different timelines. These temporal shifts create meaning and complexity and are important details for writers to manage. This session should enlighten participants to the possibilities time presents within their own work.

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: October 1 at 3:30pm ET
Where: Main Loft in Harbourfront Centre
Duration: 90 minutes
Ticket price: $53

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Time and the Short Story, with Wendy Erskine

October 01 at 3:30pm


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Wendy Erskine

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