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Lawrence Hill headshot with "TIFA Presents: Lawrence Hill in Conversation"

TIFA Presents: Lawrence Hill in Conversation

November 08 at 5pm

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Pull up a chair and settle in for a casual conversation between accomplished creatives—and good friends—writer Lawrence Hill (The Book of Negroes) and producer Damon D’Oliveira (Conquering Lion Pictures). The collaborators will discuss the moment they first connected during the CBC Radio recording of Hill’s first novel, Some Great Thing (1992), and how they’ve come to work together since then on more projects for film & television.

This candid conversation will explore Hill’s prolific storying of the Black experience in North America, and the recurring themes of race, identity and belonging in his extensive body of work, including Any Known Blood (1997) and Black Berry Sweet Juice (2001). Hill will also share his early experience in writing, including how his parents unintentionally inspired his career, his start in journalism, and the risky decision to move to Europe and pursue his lifelong dream. You’ll discover how The Book of Negroes was brought to life on the page and the screen, and get a glimpse of Hill’s passion for empowering Black actors, promoting literacy, and of the exciting projects he’s working on next.

This event is presented in partnership with FLUP: The Literary Festival of the Peripheries, in Brazil.


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TIFA Presents: Lawrence Hill in Conversation

November 08 at 5pm

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