The Dark Flood Deon Meyer

The Dark Flood: Deon Meyer

Originally aired on June 05
Re-release June 06

The Dark Flood, from internationally acclaimed thriller author Deon Meyer, features two superstar detectives on a pursuit to clear their names after an unauthorized investigation threatens to reveal corruption in South Africa’s halls of power. The South African author writes with a powerful punch, full of twists and sharp prose as the two detectives get deeper into trouble. In this not to be missed event, Rakuten Kobo’s Nathan Maharaj will join Meyer for this virtual conversation to discuss the art of a well-planned plot, crafting corruption and the political weight behind this enticing novel.

Interviewer: Nathan Maharaj

This digital event is free with registration. Please return to this page on June 5 at 5:30pm ET to watch the event. The video will be available to view until June 8 at 11:59pm ET.

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