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Slam Coalkan: Round 2

Originally aired on October 31
Re-release November 30

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The continent’s leading Indigenous spoken word artists have passionate messages you need to hear. For a second year running, TIFA has partnered with the FLUP Festival of the Peripheries in Rio de Janeiro, where there is a powerful spoken word tradition, to share ideas, dreams and aspirations for the future. This dazzling virtual poetry slam competition takes place in two rounds: October 30 hosted by FLUP, and October 31 hosted by TIFA. This second round will feature six poets from Canada, one from Mexico and one from the USA. Poems will be presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese with subtitles. Brazilian sign language will be available. The performed poems, newly translated, will be published in an anthology in March 2022 when we present the final round. Poems will be presented in English, Spanish and Portuguese with subtitles. ASL interpretation will be available.

Performers: Jennifer Alicia Murrin, K’alii, ecoaborijanelle, Juan Santiago Tellez, Kahsenniyo, Zoey Roy, Sarah Lewis and Bobby Sanchez.
Theresa Cutknife, Tyler Pennock and Lena Recollet
MC: Janet Rogers
DJ: Deejay Jams

CW // This event contains strong language and images of a sexual nature. Discretion is advised.

Slam Coalkan is an artistic coproduction between FLUP- Festa Literária das Periferias and the Toronto International Festival of Authors, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

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