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Skin Hunger: Umar Bin Hassan

Skin Hunger: Umar Bin Hassan

November 01 at 12pm

This event is no longer available for viewing.

Keeping in touch, both figuratively and physically, is a challenge during times of isolation; while physical touch – and what we touch – is now a source of fear and anxiety for many. The Dutch phrase “skin hunger” has come to prominence in recent months, encapsulating these feelings. TIFA is proud to present Skin Hunger: a new writing commission featuring original works by internationally renowned writers, in reflection on what we’ve all felt and suffered during the COVID-19 crisis. Contributors will read their new work in these pre-recorded videos. Authors include Shokoofeh Azar, Francesca Ekwuyasi, Mieko Kawakami, Tyler Pennock, Meg Wolitzer, Ian Williams and more.

Skin Hunger: Umar Bin Hassan

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Skin Hunger: Umar Bin Hassan

November 01 at 12pm


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Umar Bin Hassan

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