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Revenge of the Raccoons book cover

Revenge of the Raccoons with Juliana Neufeld

October 01 at 12pm

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Join illustrator Juliana Neufeld to celebrate International Raccoon Appreciation Day as she presents her new picture book Revenge of the Raccoons, written by Vivek Shraya. Told through musical, rhyming text, these bushy-tailed bandits take over the town, swinging from cranes, scampering through subway cars and pestering the police. But when asked why they’re invading the city, the raccoons insist they aren’t pests, but survivors of the real invaders: humans. Fun but thoughtful, come and reflect, not on not how we see raccoons, but how they see us! Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Juliana will be joined by City of Toronto Animal Expert, Elena!

Vivek Shraya will no longer be appearing at this event.

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: October 1 at 12pm ET
Where: Word Lab (Tent A)
Duration: 45 minutes
This event is free to attend with registration.

TIFA Kids is generously supported by Gail and Mark Appel.

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Vivek Shraya's Revenge of the Racoons book covers

Revenge of the Racoons


Revenge of the Raccoons with Juliana Neufeld

October 01 at 12pm


Photo Credit: Ariane Laezza

Vivek Shraya

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