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Vivek Shraya's headshot repeated three times

People Change: Vivek Shraya

October 01 at 6pm

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Multi-disciplinary Canadian artist and seven-time Lambda Literary Award finalist Vivek Shraya (I’m Afraid of Men) returns to TIFA to present her latest book, People Change. An insightful and honest handbook that inspires us to discover other versions of ourselves, People Change is both a radical embracing of change, and a meditation that challenges Western concepts of identity. Dualy inspired by Hinduism and Madonna, Shraya will share her impulse to constantly change, and reflect on why many of us fear change or are drawn to it. Join us for this liberating conversation on living a life of re-invention.

Interviewed by Yolanda Marshall.

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: October 1 at 6pm ET
Where: Harbourfront Centre Theatre
Duration: 60 minutes
Ticket prices: $17 – Regular; $12 – Youth; or Get a TIFA Pass

Please note, this event will NOT be followed by a book signing.

Theatre accessibility information:

Harbourfront Centre Theatre is inside a separate red brick building across the laneway from the Main Building. The building address is 231 Queens Quay West. The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery is also inside this building.

To get to the Harbourfront Centre Theatre from the Main Building, travel south towards the harbour, and the building will be on your left – there is an entrance to the lobby on the west side of the building with automatic doors. There is also an entrance on the east side of the building with automatic doors.

Theatre Access:
In the lobby of the building, there is a long, curved ramp with railings on both sides. The ramp is 33.5” wide and can only fit one-way traffic for people using mobility devices. There is also a set of eight stairs leading up to the theatre’s doors.

Harbourfront Centre Theatre Restrooms:
There are two gender-inclusive single-stall restrooms in the Harbourfront Centre Theatre building with the accessible sign on them and two other multi-stall restrooms marked Women’s and Men’s. The doorways to both single stall restrooms are 28.5” wide.

For more information about accessibility at Harbourfront Centre, please click here.

Vivek Shraya's headshot repeated three times

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Vivek Shraya's People Change book cover

People Change


People Change: Vivek Shraya

October 01 at 6pm


Photo Credit: Ariane Laezza

Vivek Shraya

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