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Journeys and Generations: Lauren Francis-Sharma

October 23 at 5pm

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Family truths, secrets and identity struggles unfold in the new and highly acclaimed work of historical fiction by Lauren Francis-Sharma. American novelist Lauren Francis-Sharma will present Book of the Little Axe, based on the true story of adventurer Edward Rosed, and the incredible journey of a family from Trinidad to the American West during the tumultuous days of warring colonial powers and westward expansion.

Interviewer: Shivanee Ramlochan

This event has undergone a participant change. Please be advised that Maisy Card, originally scheduled for this event, can no longer appear. The event will proceed, with apologies for any inconvenience caused by this change.

If the video does not start playing at the time of the event, please try refreshing your browser.

Maisy Card event banner

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Journeys and Generations: Lauren Francis-Sharma

October 23 at 5pm


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Photo credit: Anna Carson DeWitt.

Lauren Francis-Sharma

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Photo credit: Marian Calle.

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