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The Tip of the Knife: Tica Morgan

Originally aired on June 03
Re-release June 06

Bestselling Dutch crime writer Tica Morgan presents the upcoming fourth book in the acclaimed Inspector Zoe Janssen thriller series, The Tip of the Knife (translated by Scott Emblen-Jarrett). In conversation on the MOTIVE virtual stage, Morgan will share her fascination with the crime and mystery genre, her experience being published in multiple languages, and will offer a gripping sneak peek into the trouble unfolding for Inspector Zoe on the small islands of southern Netherlands. This new Kobo original will be released on May 30.

Interviewer: Tara Cremin

This digital event is free with registration. Please return to this page on June 3 at 5pm ET to watch the event. The video will be available to view until June 8 at 11:59pm ET.

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Photo credit: Duco de Vries.

Tica Morgan

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