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CANCELLED – From ‘Me’ to ‘We’: Brian Goldman

October 02 at 6pm

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELLED: We regret to inform you that this event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. We apologize for any disappointment and inconvenience caused by this cancellation. Ticket holders will be refunded.

Join Canadian physician, radio host and author of The Power of Kindness Brian Goldman as he discusses his follow-up book The Power of Teamwork. In it, he highlights how healthcare adopted a stronger teamwork method among staff, which resulted in measurably healthier work environments and healthier patients. Its success has led to doctors going out to teach manufacturers, business owners, customer service representatives and even those in sports and entertainment to do better by shifting the culture from “me” to “we”. This thought-provoking talk is sure to have an impact on listeners, regardless of which teams they belong to.

This event is supported by Harriet Lewis & Eldon Bennett.

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CANCELLED – From ‘Me’ to ‘We’: Brian Goldman

October 02 at 6pm


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