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Eva Baltasar & Fernanda Trías

Freedom and Solitude: Eva Baltasar & Fernanda Trías

October 22 at 4pm

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Two of the world’s most buzzworthy writers come together to discuss their first books to be translated into English, with interviewer Martha Batiz. Eva Baltasar, the #1 Catalan bestseller, introduces us to a bold lesbian narrator in Permafrost (translated to English by Julia Sanches), whose need for change sparks a journey across western Europe, dotted with lively inhibitions and hilarious observations. Uruguayan writer Fernanda Trías, one of the women writers forming the ”new Latin American Boom”, presents The Rooftop (translated to English by Annie McDermott). The story follows a woman who chooses to live closed off to the world, in a rundown apartment building, with only her rooftop as her recess to the world around her. Both books powerfully describe the desperate struggle between freedom and solitude through two very different female experiences.

English-Catalan Interpreter: Samantha Mateo

This event is generously supported by Institut Ramon Llull.

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Eva Baltasar & Fernanda Trías

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Freedom and Solitude: Eva Baltasar & Fernanda Trías

October 22 at 4pm


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Eva Baltasar

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