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Critical Conversations: The Big Hoax

Critical Conversations: The Big Hoax

This event is no longer available for viewing.

Authors in candid, live conversation reflect on the topics that matter most during this unprecedented time. In this live-streamed presentation, in collaboration with Humber College, podcasters and faculty members Lee Kuhnle, Alena Papayanis and Nathan Radke discuss “The Big Hoax”: the ubiquity of media misinformation and its dangerous implications.

We currently find ourselves in the midst of two pandemics – one is biological, and the other virtual, and they each make the general population more vulnerable to the other.  Since the lockdowns began in March, people have been contracting and spreading the QAnon virus through their social media, creating an alternate reality in the minds of millions in which COVID-19 is a hoax, the world is under the control of Satanic cannibal child predators, and the only man standing between the monsters and the decent people is American president Donald J. Trump.

In this talk, the cohosts of the Uncover Up Conspiracy Podcast examine the beliefs and claims of the QAnon virus, as well as the historical and technological context in which this virus has emerged and the implications this pandemic has on democracy, epistemology, and truth itself.

Tune in each day of the Festival to hear new speakers in critical conversations about the topics shaping today’s new world.

Critical Conversations: The Big Hoax

Critical Conversations: The Big Hoax

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