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Confidence: Denise Mina

Originally aired on June 03
Re-release June 06

Sometimes the only precursor to deception, theft and murder is confidence. Crime Writers’ Association Hall of Famer Denise Mina joins the TIFA virtual stage to present her latest novel, Confidence, a dazzling sequel to her bestselling 2019 book Conviction, which reunites amateur podcasters Anna McDonald and Fin Cohen for an even bigger adventure. When they hear of a young YouTube star who vanished shortly after posting a video from an abandoned chateau in France, the podcasters attempt to decipher what happened, only to find themselves entangled in another thrilling chase across Europe.

Interviewer: Tara Cremin

This event is free to watch with registration. Please return to this page on June 3 at 1pm ET to watch the event. The video will be available to view until June 8 at 11:59pm ET.

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