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Arts curator and producer Timea Wharton-Suri interviews Stó:lō author and poet Lee Maracle with dancer and choreographer Bill Coleman, about finding inspiration in storytelling. In this pre-recorded interview, Maracle and Coleman will discuss their creative processes, and how the retelling of the Salish Longhouse Flood Story inspired the choreographic language in their work Out of the Longhouse (in development with Harbourfront Centre’s Technical Residencies 2020-21 season). This event is part of the Choreo Chats series, exploring the potential relationships between dance and storytelling, and presented in partnership with Harbourfront Centre.

English captioning is available for this video. Please click the ‘CC’ button in the video toolbar to turn it on.

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Choreo Chats: Lee Maracle & Bill Coleman on Out of the Longhouse

October 26 at 7pm


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Photo credit: Michael Reinhart

Bill Coleman

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