A Chilling Read: Melanie Raabe & Max Seeck

Chiller Killers: Melanie Raabe & Max Seeck

June 04 at 11:30am

Embracing the cold, atmospheric nature of noir fiction, German author Melanie Raabe and Finnish author Max Seeck sit down to discuss the art of keeping readers in suspense. Raabe’s psychological thriller The Shadow (translated by Imogen Taylor) examines destiny as a woman is told she will murder a man she has never met. Seeck’s Ice Coven (translated by Kristian London) depicts a mysterious race against time, set off by a dead body, two disappearances and a coven of witches.

Interviewer: Becky Toyne

Ticket Info:
Date & Time: June 4 at 11:30am ET
Where: Brigantine Room in Harbourfront Centre’s main building
Duration: 45 minutes
Ticket prices: $16.50 – Regular; $12.50 – Youth; or Get the All-Access Pass
*This event will be followed by a book signing

Supported by FILI-Finnish Literature Exchange, the Goethe Institute, and Nordic Bridges and Harbourfront Centre.

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Photo credit: Marina Rosa Weigand.

Melanie Raabe

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