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Devin, Eric and Terry Fan standing side by side

Photo credit: Michelle Quance.

The Fan Brothers

Publisher: Penguin Random House Canada
Publisher: Tundra Books

Terry, Eric and Devin grew up in Toronto, where they continue to live and work.

Recipients of the prestigious Sendak Fellowship, Kate Greenaway Medal nominees and Governor General’s Literary Award nominees, Terry and Eric are the author/illustrators of the critically acclaimed books The Night Gardener and Ocean Meets Sky, and the illustrators of the bestselling Chris Hadfield-penned picture book The Darkest Dark, Dashka Slater’s The Antlered Ship and Beth Ferry’s The Scarecrow.

Devin Fan is an artist, poet and youth worker who has a passion for nature, adventures and kung fu. The Barnabus Project is his first children’s book and marks the first time all three brothers have written and illustrated a picture book together.

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The Barnabus Project by the Fan Brothers book cover
The Barnabus Project


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