IFOA 2016 Blog Tour


This year to continue to spread the word about the great authors and books at the Festival we reached out to Toronto-based bloggers to review some of this year’s lineup. Check them out!

photo-kerry-c-blog-tour-ifoa2016KERRY CLARE is a failed pickler who has been writing about books and reading at Pickle Me This for more than 10 years now. Her debut novel, Mitzi Bytes, will be published in the spring. Read Kerry’s review of Lola Lafon’s The Little Communist Who Never Smiled here.





photo-teena-d-blog-tour-ifoa2016TEENA DAWSON is originally from Nova Scotia and has lived in Toronto for almost thirty years. Her love of culture is broad and she writes about her experiences at Teena in Toronto. Though she has always enjoyed reading, she has a particular fondness for Canadian authors and she has been writing about their works for many years. Teena reviewed Advocate by Darren Greer. You can read her review here.






illus-christine-n-blog-tour-ifoa2016-credit-kelly-duncanCHRISTINE NGUYEN is a 26-year-old bookish blogger, student and occasional-cupcake-eater, who posts about reading and book hauls and other bookish things at Padfoot’s Library. Christine Nguyen reviewed Takashi Hiraide’s The Guest Cat. You can find her review here.





photo-jaclyn-q-blog-tour-ifoa2016JACLYN QUA-HIANSEN is a Filipino-Canadian book blogger passionate about advocating for greater diversity in art and literature. Her work has been published in The Puritan’s Town Crier, Canada Arts Connect Magazine, Spirit of the City Mississauga Life Magazine, Drain Magazine and Blog TO. Find her on Twitter @jacqua83 and at her book blog Literary Treats. Jaclyn reviewed The Parcel by Anosh Irani. You can read it here.




Blog Tour was coordinated by long-time IFOA attendee and book blogger Marcie McCauley.illus-marcie-bip-blog-tour-ifoa2016-credit-greg-hill

MARCIE MCCAULEY lives and writes in Toronto. Her work has appeared in various publications, including Other Voices, Five Fingers Review (US) and Mslexia (UK) and she writes about books and bookishness at Buried In Print.