Five Questions with… Naomi Duguid

Don’t miss Naomi Duguid, author of Burma, in the Ben McNally Travellers Series on Sunday, October 21.

© Laura Berman

IFOA: You keep a fairly active blog. What do you get out of the experience, and does/will the material ever make it in your books?

Duguid: I enjoy the process of self-publishing…writing to put the words out in public. I doubt any of what I write in my blog will find its way into a book. But the process of thinking out loud on the e-page is very helpful.

IFOA: You’re a world traveller. Where are you hoping to go to next?

Duguid: Ah, that’s an interesting question. I hope to be back in southeast Asia this fall. But long term I would like to get to Iran and also get back to neighbouring countries such as Georgia and Turkmenistan, and also to Armenia and Azerbaijan…

IFOA: What’s one dish you could not live without?

Duguid: There’s nothing I can’t live without. How could it be otherwise? But I do find that if I go more than three days without eating rice I feel curiously incomplete. And of course green vegetables, cooked or raw, are really a heart and body necessity…

IFOA: What was your favourite food as a child?

Duguid: I can’t tell you. I have great memories of my mother’s homemade bread toasted with butter and her marmalade…

IFOA: Finish this sentence: It doesn’t really matter…

Duguid: …if you don’t do something perfectly, since the important thing is engaging with the process of doing it, not the result.

IFOA: Bonus question: International Festival of Authors in one word:

Duguid: Horizon-widening.

For more about Duguid, visit or or follow her on Twitter @naomiduguid.